JVS has a global presence and suitable infrastructure worldwide. JVS supports its valued customer for spares, services, and troubleshooting either at the JVS workshop or at the customer site. Faster and accurate response to support customers is the main intent. Services and solutions provided by a well-trained team of design and service engineer looking to criticality of choke application. Service team is well trained with valid certificates like BOSIET with EBS and medical which are necessary for offshore work. Product maintenance, on-site spare replacement, actuator calibration, and repairs are performed in line with applicable product specification and customer reservoir requirements.


JVS offers a solution by study flow, pressure and other reservoir condition. JVS uses Cv and velocity calculation for suggesting suitable modification. Retrofit process has its own limitation however JVS has capabilities to overcome. JVS consider H2S, CO2, sand and practically possible approach. Retrofitting of the choke can be choke orifice redesign, manual to automation for remote operation and any other customer/field requirement.

Retrofit of choke is necessary when

  • Process data change than prediction or depleting reservoir leading to reduce flow and pressure
  • Normal repair or service of choke over a period of usage
  • Automation of manual choke
  • Conversion of choke design

Benefits of retrofit

  • Minimize cost due to the use of the existing choke body and other parts as far as possible.
  • Minimize operation downtime if the job is well planned with customer.
  • Performance improvement in line with existing reservoir parameters.
  • A solution can be offered to outdated choke design or no OEM support for installed chokes.
  • Certificate and technical data sheet can help customers for future service and spare.

Retrofit of JVS choke

  • If customer needs retrofitting of JVS choke due to change in process data, engineering survey is not necessary. Customer to provide revised pressure data.
  • JVS can suggest suitable solution by utilizing the existing choke as practical as possible.
  • JVS takes responsibility for the retrofitted choke by way of performance guarantee.
  • Parts replacement is possible at the site or at workshop nearby site.
  • A certificate data book will be provided for the retrofitted choke.

Retrofit of other manufacturer's choke

  • JVS follows above approach. In addition, customer to provide installed choke available technical information and current flow parameters.
  • JVS can offer one trial choke if necessary for performance monitoring.