Diverter ball valve

JVS Engineers have been supplying oilfield equipment for more than 30 years. Our diverter ball valves are single forging, bi-directional valve, trunnion mounted ball valve with superior light weight and corrosion resistant ball design that enchases the lifespan of the valve. The design is compact so that it can fit under the drillfloor. Our diverter valves come with carefully designed installation features that allows the diverter valve to be installed while the rig is offshore. Our valves are designed to API 6D and fire tested. Our distinctive features are :

  • Fully welded with a forged spherical body. The advantage is it maximizes the strength of the body while maintaining it's light weight.
  • Connection types. Our diverter valves come with various outlet connections that will suite your rig's requirements.
  • Longer service life. Since the valve is manufactured with superior engineered materials, there is limited wear and tear of the valve as compared to other valves in the market.
  • Low maintenance. Our use of superior materials requires little maintenance which results in lower maintenance cost, fewer downtimes and reduced inventory for spare parts.

Our diverter valves come in different pressure classes ranging from ASME class 150 to 2500 with diverter sizes ranging from 3" to 16". We are able to design our diverter valves to be failsafe close (used commonly in the overboard line to the trip tank and fill line). Our diverter valves come complete with pneumatic or hydraulic actuator and a pneumatic or electrical feedback position indicator. Our service engineers are equipped to perform onsite installation and commissioning of the diverter valves.

In order for us to better serve our customers, we offer aftermarket replacement & recertification of the rig's existing diverter valves. This exchange program will enable the rig to reuse their existing inventory and reduce their cost to recertify their equipment. All spares are readily available at our plants worldwide. This further reduces the need for the customer to increase their inventory. Furthermore, since we have a consistent production, we hold inventory of certain classes of diverter valves for customers whom require a shorter lead time.