Diverter system

Rotary mounted diverter systems are used primarily to divert any kick from the well during drilling. JVS has over 20 years of experience in performing onsite inspection and recertification of the KFDJ diverter system, sale of spares and manufacture new components of the diverter system.

Diverter systems typically will require 5 yearly recertification. This will include dismantling the diverter assembly for NDT inspection of the sealing areas and reassembling with new flow line seals. We also perform measurements in the ID of diverter housing to ensure concentricity and inspection on the Flowline Sealing area.

Our engineers have at least 10 years of relevant experience in performing onsite inspection and recertification of the diverter system.

All spares onboard the rig are inspected and their records are maintained. The management of the rig's spares are maintained by JVS so that minimal inventory is carried while never running out of inventory. All parts are purchased only from OEMs.

Our team come out fully equipped with our tools and gauges to perform the onsite inspection.

Drilling rigs typically consume these insert packers and flowline seals on a regular basis. JVS purchases these packers and flowline seals from the OEMs and provides to our clients at a discounted price. These packers come with 12 month warranty and are inspected inhouse before it is shipped to our client.

With over 20 years of engineering experience, JVS has been designing and manufacturing KFDJ Diverter Components. All our designs are done through 3D Engineering and standardized.