Hydraulic self-contained shut down system (Hi-Lo valve)

JVS Hi-Lo self-contained emergency shutdown system is a remote operated suitable for installing before the positive or adjustable choke on Christmas tree. System has pre-set sensor with high and low pressure setting through which valve shuts when pressure exceeds above the high setting or falls below the low setting in flow line. System has provision for remote sensing with 1/4" or 1/2" NPTF pressure inlet and in-build manual override, manual reset. No external energy or source require to operate the self-contained Hi-Lo system. System uses it’s own closed loop hydraulic medium to operate and control the actuation.

JVS Hi-Lo safety valve is a self-contained hydraulic emergency shutdown system. The system is a complete package of API 6A gate valve, hydraulic spring return actuator, self-contained hydraulic system and hi-lo pressure sensor for emergency shutdown. Standard sizes are 2-1/16” to 4-1/16” and pressure rating 2000 psi to 10000 psi. Other sizes are also available upon request. This system is ideal for remote application or in application where a power source for actuator not available.


  • API 6A gate valve having metal to metal seal for high reliability.
  • Light weight and compact construction. 
  • Self-contained hydraulic emergency shutdown system can be mounted directly on actuator or separate stand mounted.
  • Hi-Lo pressure sensor to shut gate valve in abnormal line pipe pressure. Pressure is pre-set as per well requirement and field adjustable to change pre-set value.
  • Sensor is removable for calibration and maintenance without removing entire valve assembly from line.
  • Optional fusion plug for shut-in protection in case of fire.
  • Minimum number of components to keep capital and maintenance costs low.
  • Instrument tubing and double ferrule type fittings of stainless steel 316.
  • Rugged fabrication and stainless steel material for reservoir to withstand harsh working environment.
  • Hand pump available for manual operation. 
  • Installation benefits like single crew installation, no special skill require and easy handling at site.