Single path multi stage choke

  • JVS single path multi-stage choke for cavitation control used in dirty services. This trim allows entrained particulate to pass while resisting cavitation damage in severe service flow conditions.
  • The main benefit of this choke is:
    • Reduce unscheduled shutdown time.
    • Improve the life of choke critical parts like the cage, plug, body, seat from erosion by entrained particulate.
    • Reduce unexpected noise and vibration.
  • The main constructional difference from the regular design of choke is by having series of flow restrictions and expansions to control the pressure drop of the fluid. The notched plug design allows particulates to flow through the trim without plugging.
  • These chokes are configured on the basis of field process conditions so that the choke is optimally tailored to special operating condition.

Salient features

  • Body: angle pattern
  • Body end connection: flanged end, hub end, and hammer union type
  • Standard pressure rating up to 10000 psi as per API 6A and up to 2500# as per ASME B16.5
  • Pressure drop: maximum 1100 psi
  • No of stages: 3 or 4 or 6
  • Leakage class: ANSI/FCI class IV