Choke Design

Product engineering and design

Design of choke is very critical, considering its function to control hydrocarbon production, manage pressure and enhance reservoir life. We aim to provide cost-effective solutions, to keep capital and operational costs under control.

Our team comprises of highly skilled engineers with more than 100 years of cumulative experience in design, manufacturing, retrofitting, servicing and troubleshooting of chokes and actuators. In-house infrastructure for finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, design validation testing, flow capacity (Cv) testing and fugitive emission testing coupled with our successful and rich supply history, has ensured that we deliver fully matured products again and again. Our expertise in low operating torque/thrust, low power actuation, fine regulation, precise indication, user friendly maintenance, dual sealing, pressure balance design, different actuator mountings, custom end connection dimensions, different end connection types, high temperature design and high pressure solutions, makes sure that we excel in demanding applications.