Gas lift / Gas injection application Choke

Gas lift and or gas injection application chokes are designed as In-Line or angle body with flange, thread or weld end connections. Design is suitable for a wide range of orifice/trim selection. Gas lift design trim uses a profiled plug/needle moving into a seat to vary flow area. Different design cage with a combination of plug profiles helps fine control. Metering choke is designed on this concept.

  • Body: In-line or angle
  • End connections: Flanged, threaded or welded
  • Connections: 1", 2", 3" from ANSI 150# up to API 5000
  • Trim of hardened stainless steel, stainless steel hard-faced with stellite, or tungsten carbide
  • Working pressures up to 5000psi
  • Body materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel
  • Profiled trim to provide linear flow characteristic
  • Adjusting the handle to provide continuous control and visual indication
  • Indicator marked for this incremental opening of 1/64"
  • Custom engineered micro spline trims provide control below Cv = 0.01 and maybe interchanged in standard bodies