Velocity control disc type - multi stage choke

Velocity control disc type multistage choke is designed as a robust control choke with multistage 'Velocity Control' disk stack trim specifically for applications to avoid cavitation (i.e. water dumping) and for high energy dissipation such as in high-pressure gas production and low noise service. Available in manual configuration with top-mounted hand wheel it is also designed for easy interface with both rotary and linear electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

  • VVC trims are custom designed and manufactured to provide application solutions.
  • Accurate 'micrometer' style position indicator for a manual choke.
  • Linear non-rotating stem movement optimizes stem packing life.
  • Blow out proof stem.
  • Bolted bonnet with metal to metal bonnet seal provides long life and reliable sealing.
  • Cartridge style trim installation uses no internal threads or special tools - easing field maintenance.
  • Pressure balancing (in larger sizes / higher pressures) reduces operating torque.
  • Range of actuators and mounting kits for ease of automation.
  • Body materials from carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, and corrosion-resistant alloys.
  • Pressure ratings include API up to 15000 psi and ANSI up to 4500#.
  • Spring energized lip seals with scrapers and bearings used for dynamic seals enhance the reliability of stem packing and pressure balance sealing.
  • Enlarged body gallery maximizes flow capacity and minimizes body & outlet erosion.
  • Right angle and in-line (globe) type body available.
  • VVC chokes available in 'over plug' flow direction or 'under plug' for clean gas.

ED trim with 'Under Plug' flow direction (inside to outside) showing gradually reducing pressure through each of the multiple stages in the trim.

ED trim for anti-cavitation choke service, flow is 'over plug, (outside towards inside).