Choke Design

Trim design and salient features of chokes

We have developed a variety of trim designs to cater to a wide range of applications, and these have been field-proven from various installations all over the globe.

Trim design

Positive choke

Control element not available to vary orifice size. Need to change choke beans by removing hammer union type bonnet if different flow conditions required. The orifice diameters of these beans are specified in 1/64" diametrical increments i.e. 5/64", 32/64", 64/64", 124/64" etc.

Needle & seat

The control element in the form of the needle is provided to vary orifice size by changing the position of needle. The simplest design of adjustable chokes available in the market, but have proven themselves in the toughest applications.

Microform trim

Specialized trim for gas injection and gas lift applications. Low Cv profile with microform cage enables fine regulation and prevents high noise and vibrations by breaking flow into a number of small streams.

Internal plug with cage & External sleeve with cage: single-stage

Cage type trim design makes use of 4 x 4 holes geometry with the principle of self-impingement using diametrically opposed flow jets to dissipate the kinetic energy of fluid after throttling at the center of the cage, contains the high energy fluid within the replaceable trim components, and protects the choke body. 4 x 4 holes geometry gives unbeatable rangeability and turns down ratios for cage type trims.

The pressure is dropped in one stage only.

The control element, a plug that moves inside the cage, vis-a-vis plug, and cage, or a sleeve that moves outside the cage in case of external sleeve design to vary the orifice size.

Salient features of chokes