BOP repair & recertification

Machine shop

  • Capable of machining up to 18-3/4"10K Double BOP Body or 21-1/4" 5K Annular Body.
  • All Machining work is done in-house. Body , Bonnets and Intermediate Flanges.
  • Able to process up to 8 x 18-3/4"Double BOP at any single time in the machine shop.
  • Trained and dedicated machinists with more than 10 years of relevant BOP Machining experience
13-5/8"10K BOP Body undergoing final machining
Additional Milling Machines for Bonnets & intermediate Flanges
Milling Machines for Bonnets & intermediate Flanges
Boring Machine for BOP
13-5/8"10K Cameron BOP Body set up vertically for machining ram cavities.
13-5/8"10K Cameron BOP Body set up vertically for machining ram cavities.

Quality inspection and NDE facility

Dimensional checking is performed using Robotic Arm. Reduces inspection time and increases accuracy of inspection.
BOP Pistons & Cylinders undergoing Dimensional Inspection.
Paint Thickness is being checked with a calibrated digital thickness gage.
Operating Piston undergoing QC Dimensional Inspection using calibrated OD gage.

JVS Facility is equipped to perform ALL NDE inspection :

  • Hardness Inspection using Brinell Method & King Tester Method.
  • Experienced NDE personnel (in-House)
BOP Bonnet Housing completed LP Inspection
LP Inspection of BOP Cavity.
Bonnet Housing undergoing Wet Fluorescent MPI.

Pressure testing facility

  • Underground Bunker that is able to accommodate 18-3/4"15 K Triple BOP or a 21-1/4 10K Double Annular
  • Capable of pressure testing up to 22,500 PSI.
13-5/8"10K BOP Single BOP undergoing 15K Pressure Test.
13-5/8"10K Bonnet Assembly undergoing pressure test.
Test Stump
13-5/8"10K BOP Body undergoing Drift Test after final machining.

JVS - document package

Document package will be submitted to the client within 1 week of collection of the equipment. The document package includes :

  • Certificate of Conformance (COC) - 5 Year Certification and Warranty of all repairs done by JVS.
  • Initial Inspection Report, Dimensional Inspection Report, NDE Reports
  • Documentation packages are available for the client on JVS's web portal.

Complete repair of body, bonnets, operators, intermediate flanges