Solar system operated choke and actuator assembly

Choke operating panel able to operate and monitor hydraulic actuated choke from a remote location. The main equipment of the choke operating panel is an air-driven hydraulic pump, hydraulic reservoir, hand pump, choke operating lever and choke position indicator gauge.

The JVS choke operating panel standard configurations come in a number of different ways.

  • Fully SS enclosed or open-frame design
  • Single or dual choke operation
  • Position indicator gauge - pneumatic/digital

Solar-powered actuation package

JVS designed and supplied low power operated electric and self-contained electro-hydraulic actuated choke with the complete solar-powered package. Package includes solar panel, battery, charge controller, cables and actuated choke.


  • Sizing calculation of the solar package as per customer requirements.
  • Battery back-up considered as per customer requirements like 4 days/5 days.
  • Sealed deep cycle AGM batteries for long life and maintenance-free.
  • Standard solar panel with high-grade crystal to generate high electric power.
  • Stainless steel battery box with sunshade to suit different environmental conditions.
  • Charge controller is used as overcharge protection device.