Drilling spool

JVS drilling spools are designed to allow smooth circulation of mud in well and BOP hook up. Drilling spools usually have the same nominal end connections and the same nominal side outlet connections but it can be different as per the customer requirement.

Drilling spools can be supplied in all standard API 16A sizes and types with any combination of flange or hub sizes, materials grades, pressure rating and PSL level.

At JVS each drilling spool is drift tested to ensure that access to the well-bore is not restricted.

Ring groove overlaid with Alloy 625 material for best corrosion resistance is available.

Unless otherwise specified, JVS manufactures drilling spool to the minimum length needed for clamp and/or bolting clearances. Enough clearance on the side outlets ensures complete bolt up of fasteners. The end-to-end dimension for drilling spools shall be the overall height from the bottom face of the bottom connection to the top face of the top connection.

End and side outlet connectors may flanged, studded, threaded, hub or other as per API 6A / API 16A.